Hola, I'm Máximo!

In a nutshell, I'm an expat-Latinx-old-millenial seeking some meaning along the journey. Meanwhile, I've been playing my part… Starting as a quiet but very curious kid and then a not-as-rebel teenager as I thought. Most of the time as an accountable friend, and lately I've hopefully been a good partner and father as well. Within that mess, I have done design work for half of my life, and you can learn more about that last part in my LinkedIn profile.

 Alt-text: Digital art, geometric forms, b&w, featuring shapes that resemble a profile picture of the author.
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As a Sr Product Designer, I enjoy translating complex ideas into simple and usable things, but I thrive when I am able to support new designers and young design teams throughout their maturing journey.

With approximately two decades of diverse experience spanning various industries, I have evolved into a change facilitator and dedicated team player. This journey encompasses roles such as the sole designer in startup environments, freelancing engagements, running my own design studio, and collaborating with well-established organizations.

In recent years, I had the luck of been involved in some management and leadership roles. During this time, I've had the privilege to recruit and guide fellow designers, as well as oversee small teams. I've also actively contributed to shaping the vision, principles, processes, frameworks, and objectives for various projects and teams.

Nowadays I'm exploring different ways to give back and contribute to the society, while gradually involving myself in more ethical projects. I'm specially interested in collaborate with non-profit organizations in the Education field, the Open Source community, Cooperatives ecosystem, Environmental preservation, Human rights and more.

To foster a safe space for cross-functional participation along my entire workflow, I'm pursuing these personal Design Principles:

  • People-Centric: Always advocating to prioritize people and communities needs over business and corporate interests.
  • Cooperative: Intentionally opening safe spaces for everyone else to participate in my design process.
  • Intentional: Carefully considering all the potential implications of the work or decisions I makes.
  • Regenerative: Never comfortable with the status quo, I'm always pursuing to help my surroundings to flourish by dedicating effort into fixing under-attended issues.

Looking for some design-work samples?

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