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I believe in design as a continuous discovery process, where the journey become even more relevant than the destination. Consequently I'm always finding new interesting ideas to pursue, and different paths to explore them. I also believe in letting go, so there's no shame in abandoning some along the way, change your mind, start from scratch, or simply chase new possibilities.

Digital art, geometric, b&w, resemble of a road with a multiple-directions sign in the middle.
Downloadable SVG image (Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA)


Novedades desde el CAAOS | Maximo Gomez | Substack
Entérate de lo que acontece en los diferentes clubes e iniciativas de la organización CAAOS Somos una organización sin fines de lucro, autogestionada y distribuida. Dedicada a la creación y facilitación de clubes de aprendizaje. Click to read Novedades desde el CAAOS, by Maximo Go…

A non-profit learning community (in Spanish) I started with some friends and colleagues in June 2022. Where people with expertise and knowledge around different topics, voluntarily create practice clubs to guide other people across their individual and collective learning journey.


Salado! - Web Design Studio
A family-owned web design studio where two generations of passionate designers have come together. Our mission is to design and craft bold custom websites for empathetic people and organizations that pour their hearts into what they do.

A Family-Owned Web and UX Design Studio that I started with my oldest son (Martin) as an excuse to work together in some cool and ethical design projects, while being able to practice Design the way we consider best at each time.

Just Another...

A series of simple open-source design resources I have being sharing over the Figma community and the Penpot Libraries & Templates.

Figma (@maximogomez) | Figma Community
The latest files and plugins from Max (@maximogomez)
Penpot - Libraries & templates
Look for "Just Another"